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Saturday, August 30, 2008

What is TIENS

Before the introduction to this remarkable company and its products, I would like to provide u my contact information. Thank you for your keen interest in improving living standards and making this world a better place to live through a company which provides high-quality products, education and careers for customers globally, improving the quality of life and contributing to a harmonious international society.

Name : Mohammad Yousuf
Phone : 00923322199522
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Tiens Group

Founded in 1995 by Mr. Li Jinyuan in Tianjin, China Tiens Group Co., Ltd. ("Tiens Group") entered the international market in 1998, was successfully listed on NASDAQ in September 2003, and formally entered into the AMEX in April 2005. Presently TIENS is a multinational group specializing in retail, tours, finance, international trade and E-business, as well as integrating industry capital, business capital and finance capital. With the business covering over 190 countries and regions, TIENS has subsidiaries or branches in 105 countries and regions, and has established strategic alliances with world-class enterprises from over 20 countries. By developing health food, health care, beauty care and home care products, Tiens Group gives a quality lifestyle, health, happiness, beauty and affluence to as many as 12 million distributors worldwide.

Contributing to Society through its charitable philosophy, Tiens Group believes in corporate social responsibility, and has donated RMB 1.06 billion to public welfare and social charities up till now.

The successful management of an educated, localized, and institutionalized workforce contributes to the strategic goal of TIENS International. TIENS has an unbeatable international team in terms of research, innovation and professionalism, including over 5,000 executives and over 35% of employees have a masters degree or higher.

Presently TIENS is marching into the Global Top 500 companies with big strides, based on the advanced Six-Network Interaction Theory, New Swap and Alternative Theory and New Supermarket Theory and an outstanding management system.

Tiens Dream Health Mattress

Tiens Dream Health Mattress

Magnetic effect Far infra-red effect Negative ion effect Consists of 374 pieces of precious stone in the health mattress: Achieving Health from sleeping: We spend, 1/3 our life sleeping. Therefore, the impact of sleeping to human life in enormous. Heavy work load, anxiety can easily cause our back bone to become crooked tired muscle, affect digestive system and other sickness. Quality sleep is the basis of health rejuvenation. It is the best time to rejuvenate organ functions. Quality sleep is the first step towards total health 7 UNIQUE FEATURE OF TIENS DREAM HEALTH MATTRESS:
1. Activates the Water Molecules: Arrangements of the stones have massage effect on muscle nerve. It can remove tiredness, improve air circulation and remove body heat. Its exclusive structure help you to improve health while sleeping.
2. Activates Cell, Improve Metabolism: Tiens Dream Health Mattress increases the negative ion in the user’s blood. It speeds up the inter-activity between ion in the inner and outer layer and the cell enabling sufficient nutrient to be transported to the cell, the unwanted waste are being discharged and this enhances the metabolism and recovers the cell functions rapidly. It also increases calcium content in the blood, stimulates the muscle functions, especially cardiac muscle. Heart becomes healthier and digestion system becomes stronger.
3. Purifying Blood and Balancing blood pH: Far Infrared Ray is able to change blood pH from acidic to weak alkaline. The blood purifying process will be more ideal in the presence of negative ion. When the positive and negative ions cover up the whole y, ions in the blood and minerals in the body (natrium, calcium, potassium) will combine closely. With “Tiens Dream Health Mattress,” the negative ion in the body will increase calcium and slightly alkaline and restores blood to its originals state. This helps to purify blood improve skin texture, prevent arteriosclerosis, . Improve channel and joint pain, supplement deficiency of calcium.
4.Revitalizing: The life ray from “Tiens Dream Health Mattress” can improve blood circulation, enhance kidney function and stabilize the body condition in general.
5. Balance automatic nervous system: Tremendous curative effect of the negative ion ray from Tiens Dream Health Mattress can regulate the automatic nervous system. Automatic nerve control all organs, glands, blood vessels and other organs that do not need conscious control and have immediate reaction. Thus, it is the necessary basic function in life. Thus, it is also known as life Nerve. Automatic nerve can be improved through absorption of negative ion in body. It is especially helpful in assisting imbalance of automatic nerve due to the busy modern life. It also enhances the regulation of endocrine which is closely related to automatic nerve. Besides, it improve the ability to build blood. The strong negative ion released by “Tiens Dream Health Mattress” is helpful to various diseases, especially the chronic diseases. The increase of negative ion in body improves the body fluid, cells and nerve functions. This further improves internal organs and tissue functions, regulates the imbalances of automatic nerve and endocrine system. It also improves various body functions and helps to cure chronic diseases. TIENS Mattress.
6. Maintain body temperature The unique structure and function of “Tiens Dream Health Mattress” help to increase elasticity of blood vessel to control body temperature at any time.
7. Increase blood circulation and body resistant Continue usage of ‘liens Dream Health Mattress” can activate water molecule, reduce blood viscosity, improve numb hand, leg waist and shoulder, low +and high blood pressure and clogged blood vessel. Together with the increase of negative ion, white blood cell will increase and this improves immunity (antibody) and enhance body resistance. At the same time, the scar healing ability also increase. The Secrets of Tiens Dream: There are 374 pieces of 3 different stones in Tiens Dream Health stones are the source of miracle Tiens Dream Health Mattress. Germanium: types of precious Mattress. These healing power of It is also known as far-infra red stone. This is the newly developed FIR Stone. It is produced from a combination of germanium, quartz, feldspar, bess and ceramic. The stone is heated at 1300 degree by using high technology method. After processing Germanium stone releases higher intensity of F.l.R than other gem stones. Tourmaline: Tourmaline is the highest energy crystal in the world. It has two physical features, namely: Pyroetectricity and Piezoelectricity: Pyroelectricity in the condition where Tourmaline carries positive and negative charge under different temperatures. Piezoelectricity is the vertical direction of Tourmaline that meets up at two ends and produces negative charge. Such negative charge will be absorbed by molecules in the air and becomes negative ions. Jade: For thousands of years, jade stone had been used as health accessories by the oriental people. This was recorded in a lot of ancient medical books. Jade stone is validated as one of the sources of RI.R. lt is widely used in promoting blood circulation, anti-aging, enhancing immunity and relieving fatigue. Besides, examinations showed that jade stone contains lots of important element such as calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. Health Mattress will regulate the bio-magnetic field and help you in promoting better flow of nervous system and blood circulation. The Theory of Magnetic therapy: Earth itself is a natural magnetic field while there is also a magnetic field in human body produced by his own bioelectricity In normal condition, the electron and ion is functioning in a balanced manner. If such balanced situation is interrupted, its flow and distribution will be further affected and this is usually the root cause of many sicknesses due to the disturbances of body organs. Tiens Dream Health Mattress help you to recover damaged organs by balancing bio-magnetic field. A healthy person has a balance positive and negative ion. Nowadays, people carry most of their active time in the car and high -rise building. Frequent use of electrical products, high power wire, and computer causes us to expose to positive magnetic field. Besides, taking too much of meat and acidic food will subsequently affect the balance of positive and negative ion, causing us to expose to positive magnetic field (positive and acidity). This will disturb our metabolism and various unhealthy symptoms will appear. On the other hand, the negative magnetic field (negative, week alkaline) will normalize the metabolism and regulate the body function. Today, positive magnetic field is in excess, the negative magnetic energy produced by Tiens Dream.

Acupoint Treasure

Acupoint Treasure

Invented according to the ancient Chinese acupuncture therapy, magnetic therapy. Focused magnetic cluster will function through skin upon the acupoint when acupressure on the acupoints adopted. Promotes circulation of blood in micro vessels and adjust disturbance in bio-electric field as well as magnetic field by way of scanning and injecting certain electric pulse to prevent and cure disease and achieve effects. Known as the “in visible magnetic magic needle”. General effectiveness reaches 98.4%. Won the Golden Award “96 Beijing International Invention” and at “The 1st session International Einstein New Invention, New technology (products).
How To use: Press, scah and pulse
A: Press Press the pinpoint of the Acupoint Treasure certain acupoint using bOg - 500g strength, accordance to the highest limit level of patient.
B: Scan press with strength while circling the acupoint with pinpoint of the acupoint Treasure clockwise or anti-clockwise, similar to massaging. Scan acupoint with the magnetic bunch to change the still magnetism into active magnetism to change part of the bioelectric field of the body. This speeds the flowing of the blood and enhances the curing effect.
C: Pulse Pressing the acupoint for I to 3 minutes and pulsing the acupoint once or twice clear and activate the channels and collateral, with immediate effects. Before electrical pulse, install the transmitting stick according to illustrated instructions. The stick must touch skin. Keep the pinpoint 1 mm from the acupoint.
D: Using 2Acupoint Treasure At the same time on two different acupoint or symmetrical acupoints of same pinpoint (eg: temple, ren-ying acupoint acu point to get better effect).
E:Moving the Acupoint Treasure Vertically On the meridian and collateral can also obtain great effect.
F: For the diseases which can cause pain Pressing directly on the Ah-shi acupoint (aching point). (eg: periarthritis of humerus capillaries, backache, nervation can be cured).
G: For other symptoms, Please refer to the related acupoint of an acupuncture chart. Acupoint therapy will ensure more ideal therapeutic effects.
1. Read the directions carefully Acu point Treasure.
2. Avoid the Acupoint Treasure from and heat source.
3. Keep Acupoint Treasure away frame watches, televisions and video recorders, which, susceptible to magnetic force.
4. Do not dismantle yourself as this may disrupt magnetic field or other indicate parts of apparatus.
5. The lifespan of the electric pulse is 5,000 times per apparatus.
6. Patients with cardiac pacemaker are suggested not to use this apparatus.

Effective in :-
1. Clearing and activating the channels and collaterals
2. Inflammation
3. Knee pain
4. Back ache
5. Shoulder pain
6. Arthritis
7. Regulating blood pressure
8. Paralysis
9. Sinusitis
10. Respiratory Disorders
11. Digestive Disorders
12. Head ache & Migraine
13. Regulating blood sugars & many more

Point for Attention
1. Read the directions carefully before using the Acupoint Treasure.
2. Prevent the Acupoint Treasure from shake, moisture, high temperature and heat source.
3. Keep the Acupoint treasure away from hand watches, TV, Video recorder which are susceptible to magnetic force.
4. Do not dissemble without authorization otherwise; the precious structure such as magnetic wave will be destroyed.
5. The useful life of the electric pulse is generally 5000 times/piece. It is usually used for chronic diseases. 6. Patients with cardiac pacemaker & metallic implants in bones should use with caution.

Auto Photocatalysis Air Purifier

Auto Photocatalysis Air Purifier

BRIEF INTRODUCTION: Superior air purify in five steps: 1st step: static electricity filtering net, filtrate out large dust and foreign substance; 2nd step: superior strong filtering net for foreign odor of smoking, mildew, gas of end-car, 3rd step: superior strong lamp of ultraviolet radiation, the length of special wave is 253.7 mm, it is 500 times of the sunlight. The ozone can not released , but can kill affectionately bacteria and virus. 4th step: high efficient photocatalysis filtering net, by shinning of the ultraviolet, the superior oxidation ion can be released and can kill bacteria and virus and decompound the organic matter in the air. 5th step: the efficient filtering net has been identified by national controlling dept. and the results are as following: Killing bacteria: .99.6% decompouding formaldehyde: 90.8%., decompouding benzene. 95.5%, foreign odor 99.7% dust 99.0% century achievement five machines in one machine”: 1: photocatalysis machine, by the hi-tech of photocatalysis killing efficient bacteria and virus decompound quickly benzene, formaldehyde , etc.., no any harmful action. 2: ultraviolet radiation machine, the radiation lamp of 253.7mm of wave are fixed in bacteria and virus can be killed directly. 3: air purifying machine, by the special imported adsorption material, it is the 100 times of the traditional char adsorption function of hitwech of killing bacteria odor, and sanitation. 4: auto perfume air purifying machine, can be change into different kind of perfume, the lighter of car can e used as power, and washing room and office by 12VD. of power .

Aculife: it diagnosis health problems easily


Since long time the basic problem human being is health, It is very necessary to treat diseases to have good health. If a person is sick. he will definitely go to a Doctor Doctor advised him many laboratory tests which become grate trouble for the patient. If he do not go to labs. For tests then doctor won’t be confirmed about his disease & when he reached labs. It becomes so late that the disease becomes almost incurable. But now all these problems can be solved by a very simple and small apparatus named Aculife. Aculife utilizes magic wave to perform health condition diagnosis. It relieves general health problems by stimulating acupunchre meridians on the ear and palm which improve blood circulation and strengthen the immune system.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction

Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction

Normalize the Blood Pressure with Hypotension Apparatus (ABPR)
Apparatus Blood Pressure Reduction

Tiens has a device for reducing hypertension, called Hypotension Apparatus (Balance Apparatus for Physical Biological Electricity). The discuss shaped device, which normalize the blood pressure, work in two ways :

decreasing the hypertension and incresing the hypotension. It Works by neutralizing body biolelectric activity. Our body has biologic electricity current which is used by medical expert to chweck patients' condition; for instance, EKG is used to check heart activity and EEG is used to check brain activity. The illness happens if there is a bioelectric problem. If the problem is solved, the body will work well.

Hypotension Apparatus is a useful device to solve any kinds of health problems. Some of them are :

Normalize the blood pressure
Overcome the Pain
Heal the migraine
Avoid hair loss
Avoid grey hairs

The effective ways to use Hypotension Apparatus :

Comb it onto head for three to five minutes each day
For mild cases, do therapy for five to seven weeks regularly. For moderate severe cases, do it for nine to eleven weeks and for severe cases, do it for thirteen to fifteen weeks.
Put the apparatus on hurt parts of the body to overcome the pain.
Do the therapy regularly by using the apparatus at the same time every day; for instance do it before sleeping every night.
To save time, do the therapy while doing other activities. To examplify, while watching TV or on the way to your office
Stop the therapy if the illness has recovered;however, you are suggested to use the apparatus for twice or three a week to maintain your health.
Keep consuming the doctor's medicines during the therapy. If the blood pressure is decreasing while taking the medicines, it means your hypertension is getting better, So its time to reduce the dosage of the medicine.
Bring the apparatus everywhere you go to prevent sudden hypertension or migraine attack, as it is small and easily carried in your bag.
You can use this apparatus in any condition, even in the wet hair

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